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Casino all day, everyday

Once of legal age, of course.

Our, anonymous, writer spent almost a decade and a half in the online Casino industry, working Casino side. In every facet of the Casino industry from customer service and VIP support, to the behind the scenes roles of marketing and operations, all the way to the top. Ever wondered if Casino bosses are gamblers?

"When you're this entrenched in the Casino industry you don't realize how much of a gambler you are."

Every bet is a gamble to a Casino, in the same way that it is for a player, albeit at much better odds.

Casinos never win big and, as a Casino operator, you've got to understand the long game. Casinos win often, the 5 cent bets add up.

Players win less frequently but they certainly do win big. You can win millions in a progressive jackpot, just got to be at the right place at the right time. Fortunately, with online Casinos and every brand now running excellent mobile slots: being at the right place is as easy as making sure your battery is charged and you're within range of some or other network. The right time...we'll never know.

In this blog we'll celebrate some of those winners, feature news from the Casino world, cover new video slot releases and get the inside scoop on the future of online gambling from our man on the inside.

Online Casino blogging, best done in the dark.

Online Casino blogging, best done in the dark.